This was a fun quick project I did as a designer in Billion to help with a pitch for a well know Irish food service provider. The app is a concept for a new type of food delivery service where the user inputs a little about themselves and the app suggests specific meals for them to try from local restaurants. The users preferences would be learned over time and so the more the app is used the better the suggestions become.

Research and sketches


I started by doing some competitor research on current delivery app services including looking at reviews and feedback from users. From this research I created 3 very quick concept personas in order to visualise the types of users that might user our new food delivery app.

Sketches & Wireframes

I then went on to create quick sketches to ideate how the app might function, eventually landing on a tinder-like concept of showing single meals to a user who can then provide like/dislike feedback in order to build up a taste profile over time.

Product screens

Food Inspirator links in with local restaurants in your area to provide inspiration to users who are in the habit of ordering the same takeaway meals again and again and need a little inspiration.

The app starts by asking you the types of cusines you fancy at that moment.

It allows you to select preferences on flavour based on types of cusine you chose.

The app then intelligently searches among local restaurants to find specific meals that it thinks the user will enjoy. These suggestions get better over time as the user gives feedback on what they like, what they order and how often.

The app also allows the user to set a reminder to order for the following day, and will give them new suggestions and a whole new food experience.

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