Website created for ‘IT – Identity Transformation’ Fashion show.

The brief was to design a website, digital & print invitation and logo for a graduate student fashion show under the general theme of ‘identity’. I decided to focus on aspects of the psyche, breaking down personality to Freud’s id, super-ego and ego. I gave each of these states a visual representative:

  • Ego (our set sense of self) – block colour
  • Super-ego (the conditions/beings that regulate and influence us) – parallel lines
  • Eg- (Our desires and libido) – Swirling messy line

I then followed the idea that these students were in the process of developing a new form of identity, i.e. one that moves from student to graduate to professional, their own ‘identity transformation’.

The Website:

Based loosely on the idea of an ‘Exquisite Corpse’ where 3 layers of the body are draw by different people and when unfolded created a ‘new’ being. When hovering over the blocks they change to reveal another figure underneath, allowing audience to interact with the site.



Invitation/Digital GIF:


Invitation Printed:

Folded & cut – to create a interactive ‘exquisite corpse’





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