Passages is a game about light and dark. Follow the map and discover Dublin’s unique architecture with this innovative augmented reality experience. Play the game to change light in to dark, transform the night’s sky and reveal Ireland’s hidden celestial heritage.

This project began as an exploration on how design can influence change in our attitudes towards the environment. It identifies light pollution as an issue that effects energy consumption, human and animal health and the visual impact of our skies. Ireland’s deep connection with the sky stretches back to our ancestors through stories of pagan gods and the architecture of the dead.The Passages brand is named and inspired by the passage tombs of ancient Ireland, and the paths of light that travel through the interior of iconic sites such as Newgrange.

Passages is an augmented reality mobile game that guides the player through the city to some of Dublin’s most famous sites. At each of these locations an interactive puzzle game reflects the specific architectural space that it occupies. Each level combines the familiarity of a classic arcade game with a unique juxtaposition between light and dark. By exploring this use of light and its effect on the environment, Passages aims to increase the players awareness of light and its uses. After winning each challenge the player achieves a star that is combined with others to form constellations.These constellations are unlocked on an AR map and reveal behind the haze a stunning true night sky. For this project the app has been prototyped and supporting print and web collateral produced.


Passages engages the audience with a clean, minimal design that focuses on exploring Dublin’s architecture while highlighting Ireland’s own International Dark Sky Association (IDA) accredited Gold Star dark sky reserves in Mayo and Kerry. As such, the app doubles as tourism map and advertisement for two key off-season attractions on the Atlantic coast and celebrates that Ireland is not just green, it is also rather cosmic.


Research Blog

For the duration of the project I kept a digital diary of my findings and research which can be found at


Wireframing, Flow and Prototypes




Printed Collateral









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